We are able to collect your goods from anywhere in the world. Please ensure you pack your goods so that they are easy for us to collect. We can provide you with packing materials if necessary.

Light items should be packed in larger boxes and heavy or fragile items in smaller boxes so that they can be easily carried.
Once your goods are in our warehouse if necessary we will re-pack / reinforce them so that they are fit for export.
The airline either charges on the weight of your cargo or the space it takes up on the plane, the volume, whichever is greater. 

The volumetric weight is calculated as follows:
Height (cms) x Width (cms) x Length (cms)
= Volumetric kgs 6000

Once your goods are finally packed we can inform you of the chargeable weight. We have a network of worldwide agents who will assist you with clearance and delivery of your cargo at its destination.

Please ensure you make a packing list for your goods. For commercial shipment a copy of the commercial invoice is needed.
If you are planning to ship any hazardous items please let us know in advance.