We offer you a personal service and can pack your cargo to meet your requirements. Our packers ensure that all items are positioned according to the type of cargo; therefore fragile cargo is stacked on top. Where necessary we will “bubble wrap” fragile items before placing on to the pallet.

All palletised cargo is security banded and strapped to ensure all packages stay in place. The security straps are designed for their strength and add to the safety of your cargo.

Where necessary or specifically requested palletised cargo can be bound in corrugated cardboard; this is in order to give added protection to fragile cargo e.g. electrical goods or glassware.
All corrugated cardboard is once again secured with packing tape. At every stage we attempt to ensure extra added safety to your shipment.

To further safeguard your cargo, all palletised cargo is shrink wrapped in black plastic.
This serves the purpose of:
a. Protection against the elements.
b. Security purposes.
We handle all cargo with the highest standards of care and attention.
Palletising cargo means that:
a. Forklifts can be used to load and position cargo.
b. All items are together i.e. contained in one package – which avoids loose boxes being misplaced or stolen.

Small items can be packed into boxes to ensure their safety.
These boxes are placed on small pallets so that they can be moved using a forklift truck